Things no one tells you about being a new mom…

Lets be real…

No matter how many blog posts, magazine articles, books you read or advice you get you don’t know exactly what being a mom is like until that moment… That beautiful moment when you hear your child take their first breath. When you hear your child cry for the first time. Being a mom is beautiful and amazing but it can also be very stressful and exhausting.

Being a new mom no one tells you:

  • that the first night home from the hospital you might lay in your bed and be scared shitless going to bed because you think your not going to wake up when your baby does.
  • you might have to set your phone alarm for every two hours so that you make sure your newborn eats on a schedule.
  • No one tells you about the night and day confusion that your newborn might have.
  • That you SHOULD take advantage of sleeping when they sleep.
  • That you NEED an owlet monitor! (My personal preference)
  • You might not eat somedays….. like at all
  • That breastfeeding won’t always work for you (A fed baby is a happy baby formula or breast)
  • You might uncontrollably cry some days
  • Theres a chance you may get postpartum depression * If you do please reach out to someone, postpartum depression is never easy to talk about but needs to be discussed*
  • That you might get pooped on or peed on 10 times a day
  • You might have to try like 12 diaper brands before you find one that works for you
  • You may never sleep again….. at least for the next 20 years

Being a mom can be beautiful and amazing but damn can it be exhausting. Just remember that the newborn phase is only temporary. It will get easier! I promise. Remember to laugh, smile and sometimes cry… well because thats just life. Don’t stress too hard on yourself about doing something “right” or “wrong” because at the end of the day a happy and healthy baby is all that matters.


If you ever feel like your alone or need someone to reach out to or talk to there are so many moms out there that feel the same way… sometimes you just have to reach out.

Lots of love mamas,






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