Being a mother is…

Being a mother is …

        Vacuuming up cheerios 500 times a day

Cleaning food off the walls

Forgetting to brush your teeth

Forgetting to eat two meals out of three

Loosing your sanity sometimes

Hiding in a room eating ice cream so little fingers don’t try to steal it away

Doing laundry an infinite amount of times during the week

Feeling like the dishes are never ending

Laying down to finally get to go to sleep and then get woken up by the baby

Getting all the snuggles and kisses in the world

Spending time with your children

Getting to see your child develop and grow every day

Seeing your child hit milestones

Not thinking about the future because all you can think about is now

Loving every moment of it.

Being a mother is learning to love without holding back, being the person you always dreamed of being and getting to have your best friend by your side for the rest of your life.

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  1. It’s completely true and worth every minute! Good and bad my sweet Baby boy makes it all worth it. He has taught me a patience I needed so much and how to be the best version of myself every day! It is a true blessing

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