5 Baby products that I could not do without!

So this is a list of baby products that I could not do without!

Disclaimer: I did not get paid to review any of these items I just absolutely love and would recommend any of these to any mom I know!

#1: The Owlet Baby Monitor:


So I found out about this product at about 8 months pregnant. I was on Facebook one day and I saw an ad about this product. I started doing some research and reading more about stories of the owlet saving their babies lives! How amazing. I decided that I wanted to have a piece of mind and I wanted to be able to sleep at night knowing that my daughter was being watched by this amazing device. I had to have this device!


The product works on pulse oximetry. The same thing that they put on your finger in the hospital to read your oxygen levels and your heart rate; well this does the same thing but on your foot! How much more convenient. So at night while you’re sleeping your babies heart rate and oxygen levels are watched all night to ensure they are healthy while sleeping.

The owlet comes with a Base Station which works on wi-fi but if your wifi ever goes out or if you do not have wifi you can still use this product but not on the Application on your phone. I like how the product will revert to the base station if my wifi ever went out in the middle of the night. The owlet also comes with 3 different sock sizes:

Newborn size

Standard size 2

Standard size 3

In the manual it will tell you how to install the device into the socks and it will also tell you which sock to use on what foot. I feel like a lot of people have trouble with the device because they are putting the device on the wrong foot. This is by far one of the best baby products I have ever bought. I cannot tell you how much I absolutely love this product!

Here is a link to their website:

How It Works

#2: The Playtex Liner Bottles:


Let me tell you! I started my daughter on the Dr.Browns bottles and I could not continue washing all those parts! I think the idea of the bottle was a great bottle but there were just way too many parts and it took me an hour every day just to wash her bottles! My sister told me that she used the Playtex bottles with both of her kids and they never had any colic problems but I was so headstrong about using the Dr. Browns while I was pregnant so we bought the whole Dr. Browns set. So it was not even 2 months into using the Dr. Browns bottles and I decided that we were going to try the Playtex bottles and see how my daughter liked them. She loved them! They were perfect; and most of all I loved them! All I had to do was change out the nipple and the ring, put a new liner in and we were good to go! At the end of the day I put the nipples and rings in a sterilizing container and they go directly in the dishwasher! It saves so much time and they were so much easier to use. I cannot thank Playtex enough for making these bottles! They are a godsend.

You can buy these bottles at most Targets, Wal-Mart’s, Babies R Us or Buy Buy Babies.

#3 The Boppy Lounger:

This is by far the best infant seat besides her swing! She lived in this for the first three months during the day and nap time until she started scooting down and sitting up. This is great because it holds the baby in place and they feel like they are being cuddled by the pillow. My daughter absolutely loved this! I would take this everywhere we went!


#4 Fisher Price Rock N Play


I know a lot of people start their child in their own crib but I decided I wanted something closer to me and I wanted her to be able to sleep next to us without sleeping in our bed. We tried putting her in her own crib the first night we got home from the hospital and she was not going for it. She knew that mommy and daddy were not close and she did not like that very much. Thankfully we had the rock n play and we pulled it out next to the bed and she fell asleep instantly. Abilene slept in the rock n play for the first 4 months until she fully grew out of it! Once your baby is rolling over I recommend not letting them sleep in this anymore. You can buy these at mostly any baby stores and in most Targets and Wal-Mart’s.


#5 Vera Bradley Diaper Backpack:


Not only are Vera Bradley items super cute but this bag is super durable! This bag is made out of the normal Vera Bradley cotton material but it is lined with a waterproof material on the insides so that if anything spilled it makes the cleanup much easier.

This bag has two side pockets great for bottles:


A front section great for any phones or keys:


A front zipper section which has a changing station attached by buttons:

Two pockets for diapers and wipes and a back zipper section with 4 mesh pockets great for formula, water and your wallet, mints etc.


The backpacks are great because they never fall off your shoulders and you still have full accessibility to grab stuff and hold your baby. They don’t have this print anymore but you could probably find this print used or at a Vera Bradley Outlet store!



I hope you guys enjoyed!



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